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A Different Kind of Country Club

As a member of The Hills, you’ll become part of our diverse community of rural business owners - entrepreneurs, service providers, creatives and more. We’ll help you to grow your brand with our expert advice, experience and support.

Rural communities are powerful places and rural entrepreneurs are a rare breed. Our business members want business growth that’s ambitious and authentic, they’re motivated by principles as well as profit and they care about the countryside community and clients they serve.

We’re a membership club which acts locally but thinks globally, with members who are big on building community networks, innovation and dynamism. They’re invested in their community, without the small town mentality.

"The Hills’ honesty and integrity when championing rural businesses means readers get to know about so many wonderful gems and the businesses that join the listing get a great platform to show their wares. We’re thrilled to join The Hills and become a member of this inspirational community."

Julie Williams


  1. Promotion - An attractive, interactive listing that gets eyes on your business and engages your potential clients (you can view an example one here)
  2. Marketing - We champion your brand across our social media channels, promotions and extensive mailing list to ensure you stay front of mind in our community and yours
  3. Community - Make friends and connections as you grow your business with our dynamic Facebook group and blogs
  4. Support - You’re never alone in The Hills. Virtual networking provides our members with ongoing support, advice and challenge from experienced and like-minded entrepreneurs
  5. Training - Expert webinars tailored specifically to suit the needs and priorities of an ambitious rural business, whatever your product or service
  6. Updates and Offers - Enhanced features, free advertising and special member deals negotiated on your behalf
Become a member
"This gorgeous online magazine gives a platform to the brilliant and dedicated artisans and producers working in our countryside.”

Sonia Goulding

Membership - £50/month

Our exclusive member network welcomes ambitious, quality rural businesses with a commitment to changing the face of how we consume - but not at the expense of enterprise growth.

Our members wear The Hills’ badge with pride; it sets them apart from the herd.

Membership includes a number of unique benefits, including:

  • 1 expert webinar per month with a full range of tangible benefits for your business’ development, from how to interpret your social media stats to SEO word wizardry.
  • 1 business blog per week packed full with helpful content on how to grow your business, tips and need-to-know news and events. From networking to innovative marketing ideas, we’ve got it covered.
  • Exclusive membership of our lively Facebook group where you can network virtually with like-minded business owners, throw ideas around, ask questions, get support from experts in a particular field or even arrange a pint or a G&T somewhere in real life!
  • Your business appears at the top of The Hills’ Directory search listings with our member banner: a sign of your commitment to quality and customer experience.
  • Special offers negotiated on your behalf with participating Hills’ business members
  • We take the pressure off. Members benefit from our direct promotion of their business via our social media platforms and extensive mailing list and we introduce you to new leads every month.
  • Appear in the New Listings Feature on our homepage for all of our readers and subscribers to engage with.

As we’ve said, a commitment to innovative thinking is essential in this Country Club; tweed, on the other hand, is entirely optional.

Become a member
“The Hills Members Club and their expert help makes my marketing much easier than I imagined!”

Jo Smith -

Done For You Social Media - from £150/month

Chat to us to discuss your marketing plan!

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