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Veganuary in the Countryside

We have written about veganism in mainstream media here on The Hills before, and many of you told us on social media that you were interested in the idea of trying to go plant-based, but struggled to find the inspiration, time or ideas. Well, if you hadn’t noticed, Veganuary is here ...


Dry January - Why Missing Out is About Enjoying More

We’re a week into the new year, and many of us are attempting to uphold resolutions to eat healthier, use less plastic, save more money… etc. For me, the act of resolution-making is an act of becoming more mindful when it comes to making decisions, and noticing the patterns that have ...


Easing Into Life This January

It’s wonderful to be back here at The Hills, a very happy new year to you all! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break, and managed to unwind, unfurl and embrace the slowness that the period brings.


Reasons to be loving houseplants this January

Ahhhhhh, the humble houseplant, from dainty orchids to brightly coloured Gerbera and spindly leaved spider plants, they brighten our homes and help to bring a little touch of nature inside. When the days are dark, and our time spent outdoors can be limited, it can be ideal to add some greenery ...


5 Steps Towards a Mindful Christmas

Janet Hill | Dec 19th, 18 | Wellbeing

It’s here! ‘The most wonderful time of the year’... December is full of social events, shopping, fabulous festivities and foodie delights, and Christmas and New Year are a time of love, joy and fun. It is incredibly easy to allow ourselves to get swept along with the commercialised hype and buzz of ...


The Hills Christmas Gift Guide - Artisan and Homemade Gifts

In an age where the shop small and Just A Card campaigns are running strong and gathering steam year after year, long gone are the days when homemade and ‘craft’ gifts look Scrooge-like! Making or purchasing handmade items demonstrates a care for the community, a thoughtful purchase and passion for passing ...


Diversity, Inclusivity and Respect in Rural Areas

Today I’m talking about diversity here at The Hills, and specifically LGBTQ+ representation and support in rural areas and industries. Why? Well, let me present you with some facts. In 2017, the Office for National Statistics mapped out the UK’s gay, lesbian and bisexual population for the first time, and the results ...


World Vegan Month

You may have heard the news this November, that the world is going meat free. Well, maybe not entirely, but this month celebrates World Vegan Month, a time around the world publicised by The Vegan Society to recognise how far the vegan movement has come, to highlight how accessible and beneficial ...


Embracing Slow Living

This week I have noticed my rapidly decreasing levels of energy as we progress from autumn to winter. Are you feeling it too? I recall a conversation I had a while ago with my great coach Julie Leoni about ‘going with it’, and living with the flow of the seasons. Winter ...


How To Reduce Your Household Waste - Without The ‘Zero Waste’ Pressure

Recycling is having something of a renaissance. ‘Zero waste’ as a concept is everywhere, from the headlines to the high street. Costa, Starbucks and Pret now offer free water refills to anyone who asks after Keep Britain Tidy revealed that 70% of customers would feel uncomfortable asking for a refill without ...


A Prayer to Nature

I have had an uncharacteristic day, a very un-Julie day, something I haven’t had since my summer by the sea in France. I have had tea in a bookshop with my son. I have gathered windfall apples and stewed them, they are waiting to be turned into cinnamon pies. I have cut ...


The Hills Meets - Julie Leoni

One of the most pleasurable and fulfilling activities of running my own business is meeting and spending time with talented people. In this week’s ‘The Hills Meets’ feature, and I am thrilled to be joined by my great friend, Julie Leoni. You may recognise her name from her monthly guest posts ...


The Hills Meets - Mary Hill

Janet Hill | Sep 26th, 18 | WellbeingBusiness

We are passionate here at The Hills about supporting small businesses, growing a connected community of wonderful people, championing rural enterprise and promoting sustainable living. But sustainable living doesn’t need to only mean ‘eco-friendly’ as it does to many. For many of us, the choices we make in how we live ...


The Juggle is Real - Managing a Chronic Illness

Janet Hill | Sep 19th, 18 | WellbeingBusiness

We all know the virtues and benefits of shopping small. In fact, I’ve written a whole blog post about it. Rewarding the passion and knowledge of a small business owner; developing a relationship that goes far beyond money changing hands; a more sustainable and ethical brand of consumerism; supporting the local ...


Is September the New January?

Are you enjoying the darker mornings and cooler air we are feeling recently? I have taken the hint and packed away my flipflops, dusted off my Barbour and dug my fine knits out of my wardrobe! Cosiness is akin to happiness in my book, which is why I am delighted to ...


3 Easy Ways to Create a Wonderfully Scented Fire

As the weather is decidedly turning, recently we’ve taken the hint to slow down a little, spend more time indoors and make sure the blankets and throws are ready for a chilly evening on the sofa.


Being Mindful For Our Pets

We have posted before here on The Hills about mindful consumerism, and whilst we are often reminded to be thoughtful in our actions, be present in the now, and take time to be cognizant of where our food and products come from - I’ve recently been applying this to looking after ...


Summer Multitasking

We’ve been blackberry picking, my youngest son and I. Yes blackberry picking at the start of August when we wouldn’t usually go until the end of August bank holiday. Which meant we had out first blackberry crumble, oven on, cream out, in the heat. Very odd. The apple tree is also dropping fruit already ...


20 Simple Tips to Prevent and Ease Hay Fever Symptoms

Janet Hill | Jun 15th, 18 | Wellbeing

Summer is here and so is the pollen!


From Eden to Environmental Catastrophe

I believe that there is a plague upon our beautiful countryside. It’s easy to prevent and a cure is readily available. But for some reason it keeps spreading, affecting more and more of our rural beauty spots and costing local councils and charities millions to treat. The plague I’m talking about is litter. ...


Birds of a Feather Should Flock Together

Julie Leoni | Jun 5th, 18 | Wellbeing

I’ve been feeding the birds. I don’t usually feed them at this time of year, but we’re home for half term and had noticed them pecking the seeds off our weeds from the kitchen window and we had some bird food left from the snowy period.


Increase Your Productivity With A Dose Of The Hills

Janet Hill | May 30th, 18 | Wellbeing

Recently, I have been noticing that many of us are enjoying a very productive lunch break, and I’m not talking about blitzing the emails, popping a load of washing on, or nipping to the post office. How are they doing it then? It’s as simple as getting up and moving.


Why Should You Prioritise Yourself?

Julie Leoni | Apr 26th, 18 | Wellbeing

Oh my goodness, just when I thought my sun-strap marks were here to stay, I have a blanket wrapped around me I’m so cold. I will not admit defeat to this abysmal spring by putting the heating on, but it does make me sad that at nearly 9pm it is light ...


Life in The Hills: Nature Therapy

Many of us know instinctively that connecting with nature is good for us. But do you really know how good? What’s actually happens to your body and mind when you step away from your desk and into the great outdoors? Let me tell you more.


A Woman in all Seasons

Julie Leoni | Feb 26th, 18 | Wellbeing

Just when I thought the spring was coming, with swathes of snowdrops dancing in the breeze, and daffodils optimistically poking their green shoots skyward, last week’s Beast from the East has floored me. It was even too cold for the kids to want to go sledging and the mist turned everything ...

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