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Pets and Wildlife


How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden This Winter

As we near the shortest day of the year, the nights draw in, temperatures drop and native animals like hedgehogs need to find a safe, cosy spot to hibernate until spring. Food sources can also be scarce so turning your garden into a sanctuary for wildlife can make all the difference ...


There's a Pawty Going on Around Here!

When is a party not a party? When it’s a ‘PAWTY’, of course, and that’s just what you’ll find at the Market Hall in Caernarfon on Sunday December 9th, when it will be decked out in all its Christmas finery to welcome the town’s first ‘Tails and Tinsel Christmas Pawty’! ...


World Vegan Month

You may have heard the news this November, that the world is going meat free. Well, maybe not entirely, but this month celebrates World Vegan Month, a time around the world publicised by The Vegan Society to recognise how far the vegan movement has come, to highlight how accessible and beneficial ...


Keep your pets happy and safe this Bonfire Night

Janet Hill | Oct 31st, 18 | Pets and Wildlife

As bonfire night approaches, animal welfare groups have issued warnings to pet owners: this can be a frightening and even dangerous time of year for pets. The main issue is the extremely common problem of pets being seriously spooked by the sound of fireworks. This is the time of year that ...


A Winter Nature Walk: What to look out for as we move from Autumn to Winter

The evenings are drawing in, the woodburner is lit more often than not and the aga is coming in to its own. Yes, it’s true: Winter is definitely on its way.


Keep Britain Buzzing

Bees are at risk in the UK. Here’s why we should be fighting to keep our stripey friends safe. I’ve always been a big fan of bees. These industrious little insects are my spirit creatures - always busy, always productive and always making things beautiful (they just happen to use pollen, ...


Being Mindful For Our Pets

We have posted before here on The Hills about mindful consumerism, and whilst we are often reminded to be thoughtful in our actions, be present in the now, and take time to be cognizant of where our food and products come from - I’ve recently been applying this to looking after ...


The Hills Meets - Lady and the Tramp

As you well know, here at The Hills we are crazy about our pets and all wildlife, and we take great pride in giving our furry friends the best lives possible. We have our resident vet expert Dugie here to give advice on their health and wellbeing, and we’re now lucky ...


The Hills Meets: Dugie Gemmill

As you know from our last ‘The Hills Meets’ article, we have a local business directory that is steadily growing with talented, interesting and all-round fabulous members. This is one of my favourite activities, exploring the local area and getting to know the fantastic people who live and work in our ...


Life in The Hills: Why Do Dogs Eat Poo?

Um...because they’re disgusting?!

Unfortunately for dog owners, eating faeces is actually such a common phenomenon that it has its own very fancy-sounding name: coprophagia. Now there’s an obscure trivia question for the pub quiz!


Life in The Hills: The Secret Life of Chickens

Have you ever seen a chicken surf? I have. Right past my front door and down the lane (or loke, as we call them here in Norfolk). Problem is, it was my chicken, being carried away on a breakaway wood panel by a mini-torrent of water that the Met office had explicitly promised me ...

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