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United We Stand: Collaboration is The Way Forward

Janet Hill | Feb 8th, 19 | Business

If you are like me, the Hills members and so many other entrepreneurial types - business owners, freelancers, sole traders, side hustlers; whichever label you prefer - it’s common to choose a more ‘pioneering’ work/life style because we simply love doing our own thing.


Loving our Hills Community

A couple of weeks ago, we published an article commending the countryside for being a prime place to live. Amongst our top 5 reasons? The wonderful community spirit in such gorgeous rural locations.


Mindful Fashion - Supporting the Indie Fashion Industry this Christmas

I’m sure you have all heard the phrases ‘fast fashion’ and ‘slow fashion’ over the past few years, but have you ever considered what they mean other than the cost of your garments? For many people, they consider fast to mean cheap, and therefore a hefty price tag at the other ...


Embracing Slow Living

This week I have noticed my rapidly decreasing levels of energy as we progress from autumn to winter. Are you feeling it too? I recall a conversation I had a while ago with my great coach Julie Leoni about ‘going with it’, and living with the flow of the seasons. Winter ...


The Hills Meets: MOSTYN Gallery

Janet Hill | Nov 2nd, 18 | LeisureBusiness

An article in The Independent once declared that ‘art galleries ought to be amusing’. Not, as we discovered they meant, in a comedic fashion, but instead using the historic sense of the word - entertaining, interesting and enthralling. Unfortunately, research has also found that for many people, the concept of attending ...


Cymru - Cider Country!

Well, here we are in autumn, with its velvet-soft mornings sharpened by cool, still air - a reminder that winter is on its way. This is the celebrated ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’; the time for harvesting summer’s bounty from our trees and hedgerows and I feel that arguably one ...


Supporting Women in Rural Enterprise

I don’t need to tell you that the history of women in business is a proud one. In less enlightened times, women tirelessly supported rural businesses invariably headed up by their male relatives, without pay or recognition. Indeed, ‘support’ is misleading; frequently, they were equal partners in terms of work with ...


Tales of Inspiration - Motivating the Creative Movement with your story

Recently, when the nights have been drawing in and after I have spent the day researching and talking to our brilliant Club members, I have been taking some time out to listen to the wonderful Holly Tucker’s podcast - Conversations of Inspiration. As a small business owner, I am drawn to ...


The Hills Meets - Mary Hill

Janet Hill | Sep 26th, 18 | WellbeingBusiness

We are passionate here at The Hills about supporting small businesses, growing a connected community of wonderful people, championing rural enterprise and promoting sustainable living. But sustainable living doesn’t need to only mean ‘eco-friendly’ as it does to many. For many of us, the choices we make in how we live ...


The Juggle is Real - Managing a Chronic Illness

Janet Hill | Sep 19th, 18 | WellbeingBusiness

We all know the virtues and benefits of shopping small. In fact, I’ve written a whole blog post about it. Rewarding the passion and knowledge of a small business owner; developing a relationship that goes far beyond money changing hands; a more sustainable and ethical brand of consumerism; supporting the local ...


Why Comparison is a Fool’s Errand

Janet Hill | Sep 5th, 18 | Business

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” or so said Teddy Roosevelt. Coco Chanel was a little more bristly when she declared: “I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.”


The Hills Meets - Puffin Prints

I’m delighted to bring you another edition of our ‘The Hills Meets’ series and today we are chatting to the lovely - and wonderfully talented - Rachel Bennett of Puffin Prints. As you know, here at The Hills we have long felt that having a connection with the natural world is ...


Our Summer Round Up

Good morning! Can you believe it is almost the end of August and the start of autumn? In The Hills diary, the 1st of September marks a seasonal shift for us when we will begin to look at our autumn/winter content and are very excited to start documenting the change of ...


Building Our Members through Personalised Support

Janet Hill | Aug 22nd, 18 | Business

Here at The Hills, we are committed to working closely with our Club Members to help them feel confident in their business. That may be through our close-knit networking and support opportunities, expert articles and web workshops, and through The Hills support in promotion and marketing training. We are working with ...


Five simple steps to achieving all your business goals

Janet Hill | Aug 20th, 18 | Business

Today, we're going to be talking about goals and target setting. We have talked a lot over the past couple of months about social media campaigns, marketing and engaging with your audience, but how do you know if what you are doing is working?


Shopping Small In Your Community

One of the pleasures I take in visiting smaller towns and villages in North Wales derives from the variety I see on the high street. Unlike cities and towns where small businesses have been beaten by the lowest common denominators of ‘cheap’ and ‘easy’, local businesses create colour and diversity. They’re ...


The Hills Meets - Lady and the Tramp

As you well know, here at The Hills we are crazy about our pets and all wildlife, and we take great pride in giving our furry friends the best lives possible. We have our resident vet expert Dugie here to give advice on their health and wellbeing, and we’re now lucky ...


The Hills Meets - Jo Smith

It’s been a jam-packed summer, and I am thrilled to be getting out and about and spending time with our newest members of The Hills Members Club. Most recently, I met up with Jo Smith to find out more about her incredible talents and her passion for small businesses and rural ...


Developing Trust and Relationships in Your Beautiful Business

Janet Hill | Aug 1st, 18 | Business

As you know, The Hills promotes small rural businesses, the all too-often unsung heroes and beauties of our British countryside. It has been my long-held belief that these hidden gems needed a quality platform from which they could really display their worth, and four months in, we are in no doubt ...


The Hills Meets - Stoneworkz

We’re taking some time today here at The Hills to look more closely at one of our growing number of fabulous directory businesses: Stoneworkz, based in Denbigh and online. This thriving business has taken an ancient craft - stonemasonry - and turned it into something thrillingly contemporary, helping their clients create ...


Business-Boosting reasons to sign up to Niche Business Directories

Janet Hill | Jul 23rd, 18 | Business

Good morning Hills members! Did you have a wonderful weekend? Following on from our conversations surrounding marketing and the options you have available to you outside of social media, today I want to chat about Business Directories. Now, you are all of course members of The Hills Members Club, but aware ...


The Hills Meets - Mark Fetherstone “Fetherstone Photography”

I’ve spoken lots about the arts and creative businesses here on The Hills recently - just last week we had the opportunity to chat with Murdering The Text playwrites on their booming murder mystery business, and we are going to continue today to delve further into the creative hive of The ...


Take The Leap

Janet Hill | Jul 4th, 18 | Business

What’s that saying, ‘find a job that you love to do and you’ll never work another day’s work in your life? I’m sure we’ve all had those days when we are daydreaming about our passions, wishing we were anywhere but at the desk/car/office.


Why Less Equals More

Janet Hill | Jun 27th, 18 | Business

I listened to Seth Godin speaking about what he termed ‘The Culture of More’ recently. I always find his work - whether it’s one of his insightful microblogs at Seth’s Blog or one of his fascinating, pacy Akimbo podcasts - quick to engage with, thought-provoking and the perfect length when you’re ...


The Hills Meets - Welshot Photographic Academy

Janet Hill | Jun 22nd, 18 | LeisureBusiness

As you know, we have a diverse range of members in The Hills directory, from gardeners and artists to cheese makers and photographers! Today I introduce you to Lee Iggulden, owner of both Welshot Photographic Academy and The Kiwi Social. At Welshot they believe that you don’t need to have the latest, ...


Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe - How to work with people who make your heart sing!

Laura Cutress | Jun 13th, 18 | Business

The internet is a busy place. Did you know that every second, 6000 tweets are published on Twitter?! Add to that 660,000 business in the UK started up in 2016… that’s a lot of perceived competition for a small startup, creative or entrepreneur! In this digital age, a business in the ...

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